DC-Medias is consulted by worldwide distribution companies seeking high-grade consultancy on acquisitions and sales, and writing help


DC-Medias negotiates and sells for international companies through the mandate of their film rights. DC-Medias chooses the media companies and TV-channels which would be interested in the films.
DC-Medias then presents the company with the film(s) and negotiates the rights in connection with the eligible party and the distributors.
1. We only choose movies that we like and that we feel capable to defend and promote, mostly genre movies (thriller, cult, horror, atypical, original dramas).

2. Fast identification of the needs and requirements of distribution companies, networks and media companies.
In order for you to figure out who we are and how we are different from other sales companies, you have to know that; because we are all very passionate, we work like a family.

1. We consider the representation as a collaboration and that's exactly why we are in close touch with producers. We make frequent reports, also, because union is a strength we tell you who we met, from which company, the feeling the person we met had regarding the movie, etc.

2. We are used to working with short term agreements (between 6-8 months). We assume the fact that in 8 months, the movie has to be sold. If this is not the case, it means that's something's not right. The advantages are that we are not stuck together for years and if the work we did on your movies don't correspond to your wishes, you can easily collaborate with others. For us it's also a way to prove ourselves, and if everything works fine, we can work together on other projects in a durable and confident relationship.

3. Individual research and solutions on each project.
     -We find the marketing angle best adapted to each film.
     -Constitute press kits.
     -Provide documentation on films and casts.
     -Allow automatic viewings of the films.
     -Privileged relationships with professionals: Video publication and distribution companies, TV channels.
     -Consultation of the online catalogue via the website, which will inform on the status and availibility of each title.