Genre: Thriller
 Year: 2008
 Cast: Franco Nero, Don Johnson, Barbara Bouchet,
 Massimiliano Caroletti, Eva Henger, Diego Conte
 Directed by: Federico Del Zoppo, Andres Alce Meldonado

 Sold To: Italy


The powerful families of the Iuvaras and the Patenes have been rivals for a long time. One night, Luca Iuvara and Alexander Patene decide to challenge eachother in a dangerous competition leading to Alexander's accidental death. His father, Saints Patene, swears revenge: he convinces the Iuvaras to steal the precious crown of King Manfredi for him. The Cat, a mysterious gentleman, is also interested in the relic. Machinations, deceptions and double games. Everything to steal the jewel and destroy the rival family.