Genre: Horror
 Year: 2006
 Cast: Sander Foppele, Kirsten Walraad,
 Arno Hazenrbroek, Yolanthe van Kasbergen
 Directed by: Robert Arthur Jansen

 Sold To: USA, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands


"Entertaining slasher flick"

"The film plays out so utterly flawlessly that
you canít help but be impressed"


"Suspenseful and bloody"

Gamers from all over Holland have gathered at a game convention to find out about the latest game. After the convention, most of the gamers go home, but for a few of them, the night has just begun. Some have received text messages saying that they should stay in the building after everyone has left and play a new game. Since the prize money is 1 million euros, they all decide to stay, unknowing of the terror that awaits them. Someone has taken the game just a bit too far.