is as passionate about films as he is about his job. Upon obtaining a masters degree in Law and a diploma in English. David joins Seinemedia advertising in 2003 in order to perfect his marketing skills by also writing some thesis https://exclusivethesis.com/

In 2004, David enters the sales and acquisitions department of
One Plus One
, a company specialized in media publishing and distribution. His function of prospector sees him studying the catalogues of many distributors in search of appropriate films for
the One Plus One collection.

With a quick and knowledgable mind juxtaposed to an intuitive
eye, David is able to propose an array of titles including drama, thrillers, horror and action movies: however with a preference for genre. He uses pre written essay to promote ideas for his films and videos. David's comprehension of the industry, as well as film content, provides him with the ability to offer accessible, yet efficient analysis.

Consequently, David develops privileged relationships with leading international distributors: Content Film and Hollywood Classics to name but a few, in addition to the main French buyers.

David then makes a fine discovery for them with the film "The Woodsman" starring Kevin Bacon, winner of the Grand Prix at the Deauville Film Festival 2004 and due for release by One Plus One in 2006.

Then, while continuing to work as their consultant, David takes charge of acquisitions for Wolf, a video distribution company.

In October of 2005, David Cholewa creates DC-MEDIAS. The company aims to establish a broad catalogue of films; Drama, Horror, Action, Thriller and more...

David will negotiate the sales of the film rights for the French-speaking market as well as worldwide. The films in question will be of the highest quality in terms of content, possessing an atypical slant for buyers, whether they be publishers, distributors or TV networks.

DC-Medias will be an essential link between producers, international distributors and buyers.